Here at Crowland Carpets we have an exceptional variety of natural floor coverings from all corners of the world.



Sisal-This is a natural product that is grown in Africa and South America, sisal yarn then travels to China to be made into creative floor coverings, bringing a piece of the world into your home. This is a hard wearing choice with anti-static qualities and low maintenance as well as a natural look.

Seagrass- similar to sisal is also a natural product that’s low maintenance and extremely hard wearing ideal for high traffic areas

Coir- Coconut husk provides the short brown fibres for the tough yarn that is soaked, spun and woven into a rustic range for that real traditional, original feel and look. It is another extremely hardwearing floor covering that’s been carefully and naturally sourced from Kerala, southern India.

Jute -  is harvested by hand from the tiliaceae plant and has a softer feel in comparison to the other natural fiber products in the category but it is also not as hardwearing.

Animal hides and furs

We stock a range of animal hides including premium quality extra large reindeer hides, exotic South African springbok hide, durable low maintenance calf hides, specialty dyed cowhides, and massive exotic Normandy cowhides, as well as custom made cowhide patch work mosaics.

Genuine sheepskins - we offer a diverse range real sheepskins as well as bespoke colour and bespoke size sheepskins. All of our natural products are responsibly sourced and all of our animal hides are bi-products,  we source our British sheepskins from Devon and we also stock New Zealand wool sheepskins and Icelandic wool sheepskins as well as specialist medical sheepskins.


We also do a variety of products for mats/mat wells, ranging from man made synthetic fibre matting to natural coir matting.

We are also an official Bruce Starke stockist with many indoor and outdoor mats in stock as well as hundreds of different door mats and utility mats in various sizes available to special order.  

Artificial Grass

This is a product fast increasing in popularity it comes in various styles and colours from highly realistic plush lawns to short pratical lawns.

Our best selling range of artificial grass in stock: Lano Landscaping - premier artificial grass, it comes in four different qualities: easy lawn rosemary, easy lawn sage, easy lawn laurus and easy lawn botanic. We do NOT currently fit this product however can recommend a qualified fitter.