Here at Crowland Carpets we have an extensive range of styles, colours and textures as well as brands of carpet allowing us to fit all budgets. Whether it’s a high end designer carpet for a large lounge or a budget carpet for a small spare bedroom. we can cater for you.

Just to give you a few examples:

Saxony’s- a deep pile, thick luxurious carpet ideal for lounges, bedrooms and dining rooms. There are too many different Saxony carpets to name but here are a few that we stock: Condor Carpets - Da Vinci, Condor Carpets - Empire saxony, Lifestyle Flooring - luxury style, Associated Weavers -invictus and Lifestyle Flooring - Oakmont Elite.

Market Deeping Carpets


Twist pile: This a short, dense, hardwearing twist pile  ideal for all areas of the home. It is hard wearing and comes in a variety of colours, patterns and plains as well as qualities. There are too many twist pile carpets to name but here are a few that we stock: Millennium Weavers, Portobello Twist, Lano Carpets - Fairfield Creations,  Associated Weavers - Everest Twist, Mr Tomkinson - Cotswold Deluxe,  Penthouse Carpets - stateside, Penthouse Carpets - shoreline.


Loop pile - a hard wearing, value for money choice in a variety of qualities and blends, ideal for all areas of the home as its hardwearing, easy to maintain and adds texture. Again, there are too many loop pile carpets to name but here are a few that we stock: Lifestyle flooring-contemporary stripe, Lifestyle flooring-Cheltenham stripe, Ideal flooring-moods, Faithful Floor Coverings - Castle Rock, Tizmo - Hercules, Mr Tomkinson - Cadiz, Victoria Carpets - rustic jewels 

Velvets - a comfortable, stylish and deluxe, super smooth, hardwearing carpet in a large choice of colours. Suitable for all areas within the home.  There are too many velvet carpets to name but here are a few that we stock: Westex- West End Velvet Collection, Brinton’s- True Velvet, Victoria carpets - Royal Victoria. 


Woven carpets - an exceptional quality product often made in England with the finest materials and extremely hardwearing, comes in a variety of patterns and plains. Suitable for all areas within the home and for commercial use. There are too many woven carpets to name but here are a few that we stock: Alternative flooring - quirky B zebo moss, Alternative Flooring - quirky B Margo Selby collection,  Brinton’s - Bell Twist, Brinton’s- Regina Collection and Brinton’s - Laura Ashley Collection, Ulster Carpets - glendun axminster, Ulster Carpets - grange wilton.

Alternative Flooring Quirky B Zebo -700x526

Bourne Carpets

Gel back - a commercial grade carpet designed for offices and shops etc. We have various different qualities, this style of carpet is extremely hardwearing and is rot proof, anti-static and water resistant. This style of carpet is suitable for all areas, both domestically and commercially. We have several different gel back ranges in stock, here are a few: Cheshire’s - Rolex, Cheshire’s - Choice Velour, Associated Weavers - Gladiator, JHS - conquest lines 


Waffle back carpet/ bathroom carpet. This is a type of carpet engineered for bathrooms, it is easy clean abd has suitable widths. We have several different ranges in stock, here are a few: Bathroom Elegance and Condor Carpets - Carousel Bathroom.



Here at Crowland carpets we now have a selection of roll-stock carpets available for same day collection or fitting (subject to availability). With up to 960 square meters in stock we are sure to have the right product for you. Roll-stock is also an excellent way to get the best value for money possible as many of our rolls are clearance/discontinued ranges so you can get hi-quality products at a fraction of the RRP.